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Association Amis de La Garenne

ADAG has supported La Garenne for many years.


The association and its missions:


Created in 1975 by Erwin Meier (founder of the animal park) and Willy Bourquin (president of ADAG for many years), ADAG is a non-profit association. Its role is to provide assistance to the foundation that owns La Garenne, to participate in the costs incurred by the various improvements to the enclosures, the replacement of an aviary, the construction of a new enclosure, veterinary care, feeding. animals etc.

A financial contribution from ADAG is essential and that is why we are asking you.

By becoming a member of the Association des Amis de La Garenne, you can benefit from:

  • a reduction on each entry

  • a subscription to the La Garenne newspaper (3 issues per year, sent to your home)

  • a subscription to the Mini'Garenne series (3 issues per year, sent to your home)

  • sending of Actu'Garenne (sending by email once or twice a month)


Special days for members will be organized with lectures on park animals or nature walks to observe beavers, for example, or discover the world of mushrooms or insects, all surrounded by specialists in the field.

Reservations will be communicated to you in due course directly by email or in writing as you wish, via a personalized letter or directly by the newspaper.

Contribution to become members of ADAG:

  • individual: CHF 30.-

  • couple: CHF 50.-

  • family: CHF 70.-

  • collective: CHF 200.-

Membership or contact request:


C/o La Garenne

Route du Bois-Laurent 1
1261 Le Vaud
Phone: 022 366 11 14

Donate to ADAG:

IBAN: CH30 0900 0000 1742 2906 6

Your donation is tax deductible.


General assembly of the association:

Pv of the 2021 General Assembly

Pv of the 2020 General Assembly

Pv of the 2019 General Assembly

Pv of the 2018 General Assembly

Pv of the 2017 General Assembly

Pv of the General Assembly 2016



Committee members:

Bernard Allenbach, chairman

Cédric Cojonnex, vicechairman
Mary-Laure Bollini, treasurer
Nicole Pilet, secretary
Romain Delcommune, member

Christian Genton, member

Claire Richard, member
Lin Schelling, member

Contribution per year

Thank you for your registration !

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