Each year, La Garenne welcomes many children in internship.

Animal keeper / naturalist course:

We receive a lot of requests and we have a limited number of places according to age, training and vocation criteria. There is currently a minimum wait of 6 months.

Apprenticeship at La Garenne:

The place of apprenticeship as a keeper of wild animals of school year 2021-2022 is already attributed. 

Civil service in environmental education:

A civil servant position in environmental education is to be filled at La Garenne animal park for 2022. For more information follow these links: https: // ...

Assignment form

Volunteer animal keeper / naturalist:

We welcome volunteers in animal care and environmental education all year round.


Volunteering in animal care consists of accompanying a trainer, in order to take care of the residents of the park (feeding, cleaning, arrangement and observation).


The second volunteering consists of following the teaching team in order to welcome, inform and show the animals of the park to a large audience. The objective is to make visitors aware of local plant and animal species. Educational activities are carried out in a framework that promotes learning with various approaches such as the presence of mediators in the park, fun workshops, guided tours and educational activities for children's classes.

If you are interested in this activity, you can send us your motivations to the following address: .


An interview and training days are carried out before the volunteer is integrated into the team.