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Visitors: the user manual

Make your visit a pleasant one for you and for La Garenne.


La Garenne welcomes tens of thousands of visitors each year. For everyone's comfort, animals' and visitors', a few simple rules are to be followed in order to spend the best day at La Garenne:

  • Children are the responsibility of an accompanying adult.

  • Respect the peace of the animals. In the park, we chose to let visitors into the aviaries for them to have a better contact of the animals. This is possible only by respecting their well-being. It is necessary to remain calm, not to run, not to scream and not to throw anything at the animals. In case of strong presence of visitors, aviaries may be closed.

  • Stay on the paths and do not go pass fences.

  • Do not climb slopes, waterfalls, fences and rocks.

  • Do not play outside of the playground.


  • Respect plants and do not pick them.

  • Food for animals: the type and quantity of food are adapted to each animal in the park. Please do not feed them so as not to jeopardize their health. 

  • Dogs: Regardless of their size, dogs, except for assistance dogs designated to help disabled people, are not allowed in La Garenne. Since the aviaries are open, this restriction aims to avoid any risk for the animals in case a dog should escape.

  • Use waste bins; do not throw anything on the ground.

  • Do not smoke in buildings, on the terrace of the restaurant and at the entrance to the park.

  • Picnic: several big wooden tables and benches are available. It is however not possible to book them. Restaurant tables are reserved for restaurant clients.

  • Please be aware of the park opening hours. It is forbidden to remain in the park after opening hours.

  • We encourage visitors to film and photograph animals for their personal use. An authorization from the direction of the park is necessary to film or take pictures for commercial use.

  • During your visit, recommendations of the staff must be followed. Our personnel is authorized to immediately expel anyone not following the rules.

  • Do not hesitate to ask questions to naturalists you meet in the park. They are there to welcome, inform and show the park's animals to a large public. 

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