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Missions of La Garenne

La Garenne at the service of nature.


Taking in and giving treatment to wild animals in difficulty

La Garenne takes in hundreds of young, injured or weakened wild animals each year. These animals are given treatment and then released. Animals that are saved but too heavily wounded to be released are placed in the park and can spend the rest of their life here.

Safeguarding and reintroducing threatened

La Garenne takes part in several national and international reintroduction programmes of threatened species such as the Bearded vulture and the Cinereous vulture. Out of the 26 bearded vultures born at la garenne, 13 participated in the breeding programme in animal parks, and 13 were released. Some of them formed new couples and bred in the wild. This specialisation has made La Garenne well-known not only to the public but also the scientific world well beyond our national borders.

Proposing educational services on environment

La Garenne works to raise children’s awareness in the conservation of our regional biodiversity by working with schools, camps and other organisations. Educational animations about wildlife and nature are proposed to thousands schoolchildren from hundreds of classes, mainly from the cantons of Vaud and Geneva every year.

The zoo-pedagogical centre counts with the support of the DFJC (Department of education, youth and culture of the Canton of Vaud) in order to create animations for those who wish to attend.

Presenting the swiss wildlife

Some animals shown to the public were exclusively bred in animal parks, while others came wounded to the care centre, and were too heavily wounded to be released. Approximately 100 species, “from ants to wolves”, have been gathered during the 50 years of existence of La Garenne, for the greatest delight of our visitors, who can familiarise with our regional biodiversity.

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