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La Garenne in the media.


YEAR 2024

LA CÔTE - La Garenne a dû dire adieu à sa louve "Tima"

LA CÔTE - L'image sur le relâché de l'Effraie des Clochers

LA CÔTE - Le centre de soins reste sur la brèche


YEAR 2023

THE 24 HOURS - A little love nest for the young couple of bearded vultures

ESPRI JOURNAL - Animal shelter

THE COAST – Dried out, nine hundred-year-old beech trees had to be cut down


YEAR 2022

LA CÔTE - A globetrotter to lead La Garenne

TIERWELT - Ganz nah bei den Tieren

THE SIDE - The zoo otter has a new companion

THE SIDE - Health centers stormed

YEAR 2021


LEMATIN.CH - Swiss wildlife can be visited at the La Garenne Zoo

VOICE OF JURA - La Garenne celebrates its fifth anniversary in its new park

THE 24 HOURS - La Garenne acquired an x-ray machine

THE COAST – No, capercaillies are not “crazy”

LE 24 HOURS - The wolf is part of our natural heritage


YEAR 2020

THE COAST - La Garenne: this baby ibex will make you melt

20 MINUTES - Five wild kittens at Zoo La Garenne

LE 24HEURES - Animal parks, cantonal aid is urgent

EARTH AND NATURE - In the zoo behind closed doors, life goes on

EARTH AND NATURE - In spring, the hedgehog's life does not lack spice

LE 24 HOURS - Wolves and lynx are bored by visitors

AGEFI - A practically normal summer in sight for the ski lifts

YEAR 2019

THE COAST - A winter day in La Garenne

VOICE FROM JURA - A couple of young bearded vultures have arrived at La Garenne Park 

VOICE OF JURA - Too cute ! Three marmots were born at Parc de La Garenne 

MIGROS STORE - A day at the zoo

THE COAST - At La Garenne, a feast for all 

YEAR 2018

THE COAST - New arrivals at the warren

THE COAST - Light on the discreet wild cat

LE 24 HOURS - A bearded vulture egg

THE COAST - New residents

PROGRESS - INTERREG relationship

LE 24HEURES - The male bearded vulture is incapable of reproducing

20 MINUTES - The male bearded vulture is unable to mate

20 MINUTES - A zoo at the bedside of red-necked ostriches

THE VOICE OF JURA - La Garenne park contributes to the reintroduction of endangered species


YEAR 2017

LE 24 HOURS - The bearded vultures of La Garenne are awaiting a happy event

THE COAST - An egg in the nest of a couple of vultures creates a surprise in La Garenne

THE COAST - 100,000 visitors to La Garenne

LE 24HEURES - Bearded vultures and lynx celebrate Valentine’s Day in La Garenne 

LOISIRS.CH - Three little woolly pigs at the La Garenne zoo 

THE COAST - La Garenne welcomed three woolly pigs 

THE COAST - A day without screens in La Garenne 

OUT JURA - A beaver comes to La Garenne

THE COAST - La Garenne rehabilitates injured animals in a state-of-the-art center


YEAR 2016

TIME - In La Garenne, 5-star barracks


PROGRESS - La Garenne park is getting a new look and is being modernized 

SUNDAY MORNING - La Garenne park is moving and modernizing 

EARTH AND NATURE - The wolves have returned to their dene

THE UNION EVENT - Promoting local biodiversity


YEAR 2015

THE COAST - She goes to run in Lapland for La Garenne

THE COAST - The little bearded vulture of La Garenne will migrate to Italy 

RTS - 50th anniversary


YEAR 2014

THE COAST - The bearded vulture has left La Garenne 

THE COAST – La Garenne welcomes Swiss scorpions

THE COAST - The future La Garenne zoo is taking shape

THE COAST - Little swimmers in solidarity with the zoo



YEAR 2013


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