Our labels

La Garenne is recognized for the quality of its missions.

ZooSchweiz Network:

La Garenne belongs to the Swiss ZooSchweiz network which brings together several zoos with quality scientific management and developing environmental education (Basel, Zurich, Goldau, Papillorama, etc.).

European Association of Zoos and Aquariums (EAZA):


In May 2019, La Garenne was accredited to join the EAZA which defines very demanding specifications for animal welfare, the development of environmental education programs and aid for nature conservation. .

EcoCook label:

In 2019, the restaurant La Garenne was labeled EcoCook, for its sustainable and responsible approach. Educational signage has been developed within the restaurant to raise awareness of local food from organic farming, as well as the minimization of non-recoverable waste (recycling, composting, etc.).