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Support La Garenne

A gesture, a precious help!


By becoming a godfather or godmother, you support the missions of La Garenne.

When you come to visit La Garenne, show your card and you will be offered a free soft drink or hot drink. 


You will also be entitled to privileged access to the blog dedicated to the animal or group of animals you are sponsoring. You will find regularly updated pictures, news and follow-up there.


Free half-day sessions on each animal or group of animals are organised exclusively for sponsors. You will be invited to sign in on a first come, first serve basis to an activity or a guided tour on the animal you are sponsoring.Thank you for your support!

For the sponsorship payment you can use this account:

Fondation La Garenne

1261 Le Vaud

CCP: 12-15647-8

IBAN: CH05 0900 0000 1201 5647 8

Your donation is tax-deductible.

Sponsorship coupon


Sponsor an animal / from 50.- a year 

  • Gray wolf

  • Carpathian lynx

  • Bearded vulture

  • European hedgehog

  • Red deer

  • Forest cat

  • Badger

  • European otter

  • Alpine ibex

  • European pond turtle

  • The marten

  • Mallard duck

  • Variable nozzle

  • White stork

  • Black stork

  • Alpine marmot

  • Red squirrel

  • Nutria

  • European beaver

  • Grand Duke of Europe

  • Wild boar

  • Griffon vulture

  • Monk vulture

  • Bald ibis

  • Little owl

  • Raccoon

  • Woolly pig

  • Saas sheep

  • Black kite

  • Royal kite

  • Red fox

Other support / from 50.- per sponsorship  

  • Care center

  • Animals of the Micro'Garenne

  • Wild animals of the park

  • Farm animals

Please send an email with your choice of animal/group of animals you would like to sponsor to:

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